Gathered by Mollie Makes: issue 37 out now!

gathered by mollie makes

Customise shorts, whip up a smoothie and meet Vanessa Lurie from Wanderlust in issue 37 of Gathered by Mollie Makes – now on iPhone and iPad!

gathered by mollie makes

iPhones and iPads at the ready, peeps! A new issue of Gathered by Mollie Makes is out!

This week we’re customising shorts, whipping up smoothies and chatting with Vanessa Lurie from vintage store, Wanderlust. We also take a trip to Felt Mountain Studios, review our book of the week and reveal our five favourite skirts to twirl in.

Gathered by Mollie Makes is available to download to your iPhone and iPad now! Single issues cost just £1.49/$1.99, or get 5 FREE issues when you sign up to a risk-free one-month or one-year subscription.

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  • craftykirsty

    That’s great if you have an apple device but please, please, please…can we get this on android? Not everyone is an apple fan.