How tea cosies changed the world


We had such a giggle over this crazy tea cosy book in the office that we wanted to share it with you…. How Tea Cosies Changed the World by Loani Prior, features some of the most extraordinary knitted tea cosies we’ve ever seen, such as the quirkily elegant Eugenie and saucy, naughty Nancy below. We caught up with author Loani Prior to find out her favourites…

How Tea Cosies Changed the World (Murdoch Books) contains 24 patterns for outrageous knitted works of art, which pretty much guarantee you have a talking point on your tea table! We wanted to know which are Loani’s favourite tea cosies in the book. In fact, Loani has plenty to say on the subject of tea cosies, so we’re handing this space over to Loani for the rest of the post. Please welcome Loani Prior…

Well, I’ve got so many knitted tea cosies that choosing my top five is pretty difficult. You wouldn’t ask me choose my five favourite children now, would you!

Betty the Burlesque Dancer

As I have to choose, I’m going to say that Betty the Burlesque Dancer is pretty damn cute. I love Betty and her sister Naughty Nancy. Betty and Nancy are modern versions of a vintage pattern usually seen with a china doll on top. I like how they are a bit saucy. I like how boys can’t resist putting both hands on their pompoms. I’d give Nancy and Betty to someone with a bit of Lady Gaga in her.

The Beatrice

Now, who wouldn’t love the Beatrice cosy? It’s inspired and made for Princess Beatrice. And she has a sister too, Eugenie. Practical, you ask? Of course they are practical! When they aren’t warming your tea you can wear them to Royal Ascot. The perfect cosy occasion!

But then every time you drink tea is the perfect tea cosy occasion. Honestly, tea bags (excuse my profanity) are so last decade. Loose leaf tea is absolutely de rigueur. As is a teapot. And a cosy.

Gone Feral

For my other favourites I’m going to say Gone Feral – I LOVE Gone Feral. He is so, so, well he is so Feral.

Forest Bloom

And Forest Bloom. I love Forest Bloom for its lusciousness.

One of the things I enjoy most about writing books is the feedback I get from people.There seems there is a tea cosy for everyone! Even my least favourite cosies (yes I do admit to least favourite) are loved by someone. The world would be a very boring place if we all liked the same thing.

Thanks, Loani. They’re absolutely crazy, and absolutely wonderful. Which one would you make?

If you’d like to see more of Loani’s work and keep up with her latest exploits in tea cosies, visit her blog The Queen of the Tea Cosies.

Photo of Loani Prior by Mark Crocker.