How to make fabric-covered buttons


Craft a mini robot and a fabric-covered button with this free cross-stitch chart and tutorialStitch time 1.5 hours per robot (one included as the freebie – access the full set here)

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To make the robot

You need:

• 28-count white evenweave, 14 x 14cm

• 14-count soluble or waste canvas, 8 x 8cm

• Blue gingham fabric (optional)

• 38mm self-cover buttons

How to make a covered button

Step 1 Buttons like these are really quick and easy to make. Use the template on your button packaging to cut your fabric into a circle. Alternatively, simply cut the fabric into an 8cm circle.

Step 2 Pull your evenweave or gingham fabric around the button front as tight as you can. If you like, add a small piece of double-sided tape to both the front and the inside of the button to hold your fabric in place.

Step 3 Use your fingernail to tighten and smooth any lumpy areas around the perimeter of your button. Once you’re happy with it, pop the backing into place.

This tutorial originally appeared in issue 247 of Cross Stitcher magazine, available to buy online now. For patterns, projects and more, visit The Making Spot.