Lacy collar knit


You can’t move for collars on the high street right now. But why spend on a genero-collar when you can make your own? Our friends over at Simply Knitting have this little lovely for you to knit this month. Plus for the first time ever, the magazine comes with some amazing designer Bergere De France yarn for you to make the collar with.

The yarn comes in two colours – purple and cream (or buy two copies of the mag and have both!) – plus a set of 3mm needles. And if a collar isn’t your thing, there are four other exclusive patterns in the mag to make with the yarn. Get to it! 


  • Annie Walker

    These would be wonderful with some essential oils poured onto the stuffing, or some lavender… They’d make the whole room smell wonderful!

  • Sherri B.

    I am so excited to see Lola Nova’s eggs here, Yippee! I am a devoted follower of Miss Lola and have enjoyed all of her posts, she is one talented lady and even shares some of her projects in fun tutorials. I even tried my hand at a festive crochet project that turned out quite well, thanks to her easy instructions.

    Looking forward to picking up the magazine when it hits the shelves June 9th in the United States.

  • Sarah Piercy72

    I would if I had received my pre-ordered copy? Postie or magazine provider? Keep getting facebook status of lovely things….I want my copy!!! I’m feeling really left out of all the fun :(

  • Charlotte

    I love these eggs, it’s my fav project from Mollie Makes so far! I’ve made one so far and plan on having a basket of them in my kitchen looking ever so pretty! I might stuff them with a touch of tried lavender as well so they smell just as pretty as they look!

  • Jenny

    I just love the idea of my other half reaching into the fridge for an egg (not that he spends much time in the kitchen!) and finding one of these instead!

    Another fabulous stash busting project I’ll be having a go at doing!