Link with Love


We all love Pinterest. Seriously addictive and a visual treat – it’s definitely our drug of choice. But with any site that collates content from every which way, it can sometimes be too easy not to give credit where credit is due. Read more about this important cause, below.


Enter Link with Love. This important neighbourhood watch of bloggers and designers includes Kal Barteski at [i] Love Life, who’s made an effort to address this issue from the artist’s point of view. If you’ve made something/taken the picture/directed the shoot – surely you should get a shout out when it’s popular enough to be posted on blogs, Pinterest, Tumblr etc, right? Right!

Head over to this post to Pin the image to your Pinterest board (we’d rather you pinned from Link with Love than from here – it’s all about the source!). Let’s get ‘em thinking.