Llama love


Those lady-like llamas in issue 12 of Mollie Makes are sweet as pie, but what about if you’re looking for a llama of the funkier kind. We trekked till we dropped and discovered these funny fellas. Not quite in deepest darkest Peru, but a little closer to home…

He’s got a hint of 60s Michael Caine about him, and comes as a ready to make cushion panel, this is the llama for those who don’t do pretty and pastel. This fabric panel is available exclusively from Scarlet Fig and designed by Laurie Wisbrun. And we think it co-ordinates rather brilliantly with the Oh La Llama print on the right.

So if you’re feeling the llama llove, you know where to go. Visit Laurie’s blog to read more on llamas, and spot a lovely llama quilt.