Make a thimble necklace


How super cute is this necklace made from a thimble and some colourful pins, it’s like a little mini sewing garden. Not only is it a great way to make a statement about your love of making but we don’t know about you but it really gets our creative juice flowing with ideas! The necklace has been designed by Laura over at The Wind and the Sail and we are really pleased she has let us share this tute with you. 

Thimble necklace

Click through to find out how to make the necklace!

To make you will need:

Sewing Pins in with the color heads you like

Metal Thimble

Coordinating threads

Hot Glue Gun

Tiny Drill bit and Drill



To find out the nitty gritty on the project just pop over to see Laura and be sure to say hi from us.