Mollie Makes meets: Oh So Pretty


As you can probably tell from issue 16 of Mollie Makes, we’re all about friendship bracelets this month.

We printed two great tutorials from Cocoon Jewels on how to make ’em, but we also included shots of other braids from fellow crafters to inspire your own projects.

Oh So Pretty‘s bracelets were some of the designs we featured, so we decided to meet the makers to find out more…How did you get started in craft?
“I’ve always enjoyed it. I took sewing lessons when I was in high school and loved art class. However, my mother is not at all crafty, so I have no idea where I got my creative side from!”

Savannah: “I grew up doing arts and crafts with my family. I then majored in art at collage. It’s always been a part of my life.”

Who did you make your first friendship bracelet for?
“Gosh, we both have a hard time answering this because we made lots of friendship bracelets as kids. I’m sure we gave our first bracelets to our besties at the time :) Then when we started making them again as adults, we made them for ourselves!”

What’s the story behind your blog?
Savannah: “Well, our blog started as a way to drive people to our Etsy shop. We loved making things, so we thought we’d try to sell them. However, the blog has become the main focus now. It’s our way of sharing our creativity with other people.”

How do you style your bracelets up? What do you wear them with?
Casey: “We love to wear them with lots of other bracelets. We rarely wear them by themselves. We both love wearing colour, so these are a great way to add it to a neutral outfit.”