Monday moodboard: tend to your knitting


It’s knitting week at Mollie Makes!

There’s a whole lot of knitting natter round the Mollie Makes office, and now that the word is out, we’re finding pretty knits everywhere. Here’s just a few woolen goodies we’ve come across…

[Clockwise from top left] A firm favourite is Donna Wilson’s Rainy Day mini blanket, perfect for thawing out those frosty knees. Just knit it. A Lacybabes Handmade poster. Enough said. Keep tabs on your stitches with bamboo marking pins from The Purl Bee.

Knit a grand diamond cushion from Toft’s knitting kit and let your little one run wild with an elephant and hippo backpack from More House Farm: both, knit kit hits! You just can’t go one more winter without a cable knit jumper; this one from Cos is a great place to start your hunt.

If you’re a knit girl wonder or learning how to knit, we’d like to see how you’re getting on. Share your progress with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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