Moodboard Monday: Red and white


If you’re looking for a gift with heart, take inspiration from today’s Moodboard Monday with a red and white theme… Read more to find out where you can pick up these scarlet temptations…

1. The craftiest kernickers. Amazingly gorgeous crochet pants deisgned Izabela Ignatowska-Motyl, on etsy. by  2. Heart tree wall art by Bo from Lazydoll, etsy. 3. Fabric telephone. Designed by Lisa, Lisa’s Factory, etsy. 4. Giant apple brooch, from Custom Made. 5. Retro rag dolls, by Jane Foster. 6. Crochet heart garland, available from Sarahdipities. 7. Great idea for a paper heart garland, available from The Pottery Barn. 8. Turn a vintage bobbin in to a cute mushroom pincushion. Tutorial on Foothill Home Companion blog.