Moodboard Monday: Umbrellas


It’s yet another Bank Holiday Monday in the UK, and if it’s a traditional one, chances are it’s raining… since our posts are magically scheduled in advance on holidays, we’ve no way of knowing for sure. If you’re stuck indoors for one reason or another though, take inspiration from that essential and most British accessory – the humble umbrella…

1. This colourful rainy day poster print was the original inspiration for today. As spotted on a trip to The London Transport Museum, this is a detail from a 1925 Underground poster by Mary Koop which advertised how easy it was to get to the summer sales using the Tube. Somehow the Tube doesn’t have quite the same glamour these days, but it is a nippy way to get about! You can buy the poster from the London Transport Museum shop in a range of sizes. 2. Green retro umbrellas fabric by Riley Blake. Can’t help thinking what we would make with this, maybe a cute tote bag? We found ours at Shannon Smallgrapes. 3. Handprinted birds and umbrellas fabric on organic cotton by Sarah Waterhouse. Available from Sarah’s Etsy shop. 4. Ditsy umbrella and bow print – would make a cute kitchen apron! Available from Retro Nana.

Well, all that talk of umbrellas seems to have brought the sun out. Happy day!