My Space: Annabel Wrigley


The gal behind the Little Pincushion Studio tells us how she transformed her garage into a sewing school…

“Teaching sewing just kind of happened. I had a small children’s label in Australia and longed to get back into it. I taught a few children lessons and it soon grew to many, so I thought about a studio space rather than the front room of my little cottage. And so Little Pincushion Studio was born!”

“We had our garage available to use as a workspace, so we decorated it and upholstered the back wall to act as a giant display board. I loved the idea of a white-walled space with a dark floor – a kind of constantly evolving gallery space for crafty kids to display their work.”

“The studio is small, so maximising the space was a challenge. I use an armoire to store all my bits and pieces, and an Ikea bookshelf for keeping fabric and books tidy.

I needed a work table that had to be long but not too wide – the perfect solution was a dining table from Ikea. My lights are from Ikea and I knew I wanted them as soon as I clapped eyes on them. They were a real challenge at first, but after we finally hung them at the correct height, they turned out to be one of my favourite things about the space.

Meanwhile, my Italian Sintesi chairs give me that little bit of modern in the room, and are a great supportive chair when I’m working.”

“In the warmer weather I love working with the French doors open. There’s nothing like feeling you’re sewing outdoors.

If I could change anything in my space, it would be to make it a little bigger! But, right now, I love my little piece of crafty heaven just the way it is.”

You can find Annabel and her sewing school via the Little Pincushion Studio website.

Photos © Little Pincushion Studio

This My Space interview was taken from issue 12 of Mollie Makes magazine. Available to buy from our official online store now.