My Space: Jane Hughes


Ever wanted to turn the garden shed into your own studio? Take inspiration from Jane Hughes’ fabric and craft hideaway in Manchester…

“I used to work at the kitchen table, but each day at 3pm I’d have to pack everything away, only to get it all out again the next day! So I ordered a potting shed and announced my plans. I think some people had visions of me hunched over a table in a dark, dusty shed with a few spiders for company, but I had other ideas.”

“It’s a nice sunny spot in our garden, so I get really good natural light, and I’ve managed to fit a table and chair, a very blue cupboard and an upcycled tea trolley in there. I potter around in here most of the day, making a big mess with sewing, cards, collages and prints.”

“When I’m done I’ll tidy up and restore some kind of order. The best thing about it is that it’s my very own space, a place to make and daydream amid vintage sheets and bunting.”

You can find Jane at her blog, and Etsy shop,