My Space: Jenny Arnott


Thinking of setting up a craft corner at home? Jenny Arnott reveals how she built a creative workspace in her spare room

“I always had a pretty clear idea in my mind of what I wanted the space to look like, taking inspiration from design blogs, magazines and Pinterest. Ikea furniture was a must as I needed lots of storage. I’m naturally a very organised person, with quite a case of OCD!”

“I have two large bookshelves for my fabric and supplies, plus a big desk that I’ve covered in oilcloth. The drawers underneath are handy for scissors, tape and stationery. Meanwhile, my cotton reel holder [picture above on the desk] is a vintage letterpress printer’s tray, which was a Christmas present a few years ago.

The most important things about my studio are the floor space and the light. It’s bright and sunny, which is great for sewing. It’s easiest to do a lot of my cutting, designing and packing work sat on the floor, so a decent amount of space is essential.”

“I like to organise my fabrics by colour. As well as making it easier to find certain pieces, I like the rainbow effect! I wanted my materials to be on display as much as possible, and I use clear plastic baskets to store my smaller bits of fabric in, as well as other supplies and stock.

My stash of sequins, beads, jewels and buttons are all stored in glass jars or plastic compartment boxes to keep them neat and organised. I wouldn’t change anything about my set-up – except add more storage as I’m rapidly running out!”


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