My Space: Megan Price


If you’re dreaming of setting up your own craft corner, check out illustrator and designer Megan Price‘s lovely studio space…

“My studio is in a former cotton-spinning mill in Salford, Greater Manchester, just a short cycle from my house. Sitting at my sewing machine I think of all the previous workers there, and it seems apt that I’m making tea towels!”

“The sewing machine itself [pictured: above, right] is integrated into the tabletop and weighs a ton! It was out of use in a friend’s studio, so I had to recruit some strong friends to carry it up. I keep Mr.PS tea towels on the washing line – sometimes designs I’m working on, so I can step back and see how they’re looking.

My ink cupboard was in my husband’s old kitchen, but it quickly made its way here. I feel a bit awful that it’s gotten so inky!

I stack up all my silkscreens along one of the walls so they’re easy to access. There’s still various bits of iron-work moulding and pillars that are handy for hanging up my apron!”

“I have different work areas, the printing end of the studio is inky, so there’s a clean end for sewing and packing, and the middle part is where my designing desk is. Storage boxes on shelves and under all surfaces keep things neat – it’s the only way!

I’ve deliberately kept it bare and functional: you can’t be too precious about walls and floors when you’re screenprinting. My favourite thing about this space is the light and the view – it’s great for daydreaming. I also love that it’s my own space: what happens in there is what I make happen!”

Follow Megan aka Mr.PS’s creative antics over on her website.

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Images © Megan Price