Planet Handmade: one to watch


Setting up your own craft business? Got big plans to make some cash from your skills? We’ve discovered a new wesbite to watch, which could help you with the biz skills and support you need to make a success of your new business. Planet Handmade is aimed at anyone setting up their own craft business, or anyone involved in the craft industry. It’s an exciting new venture aimed at helping designer-makers realise their potential. It’s early days for the site, but we like to be first to give you the nod and the wink about anything new. And, we know that many of you are in the craft business (or would like to be!), so here’s your chance for an insider’s sneak peek…

Planet Handmade was founded by Juliet Bernard, Editor of The Knitter, who has heaps of experience in the craft world. They’re keen to get your input and hear about what makes you tick, so please feel free to take part in the questionnaires on their home page.