Poppy Appeal: Remembrance Day

Decorate poppy cakes

Today is Remembrance Day and the nation will be still on the eleventh hour on the eleventh day of the eleventh month for 2 minutes. The Royal British Legion is better known for its Poppy Appeal, which raises funds for the leading Armed Forces charity in Britain.

Have you heard about the RBL thunderclap? Don’t worry, there’s still time to join. Taking part will mean that the same tweet or status update is posted on everyone’s account at the same time, bringing attention to a very important and wonderful cause.

There are other ways you can back the cause, but we’re urging everyone to continue supporting those who make and sell the paper poppies at the Poppy Factory. If you’ve already donated to the Poppy Appeal, here are a few other ways you can remember the fallen on 11/11/11.

Buy a poppy


Remember the day by making poppy cupcakes


Crochet a poppy and donate to Royal British Legion


How to support the Poppy Appeal on social media:

Join the British Legion thunderclap

Add poppy twibbon

Plant a virtual poppy

Donate here