Thrifty Thursday: Ghost lampshades


There’s many a manky lampshade to be found in our local charity shops. And until now we’ve often turned up our noses at the faded, pleated and fringed polyester offerings. But, hey, here’s how to give old lampshades a new lease of life…

Genius blogger Dottie Angel may be one of the first to have kicked off the trend for these scrippy-scrappy lampshades (left), and Jenny Warner from The Custards has also been having a play.

These ghost lampshades are so easy to make. Simply strip down a nasty shade – the more wire the better! A curvey shape looks best. Just bind the shade with strips of fabric. Leave unadorned, or for a whimsical finish, complete with a variety of objets. Beautiful.

More home spun loveliness can be found on the Dottie Angel blog and chez The Custards.