How to decopatch jam jars

Jam jars, so handy in so many ways… how about this for a pretty display made from fabric off-cuts and ordinary jam jars? Claire Dalglish from Fellow Fellow has popped in today to share her cute and thrifty idea with us…

Claire Dalglish is the lady behind Fellow Fellow and has this thrifty make to share with you today… Welcome, Claire!

These pretty jam jars are so easy to make. Before I start, a little word about candle safety. Although I have used real candles in my jars, it would be safest to use battery-operated tea-lights. If you use real tealights, you must make sure your jar is big enough so that the flame never comes into contact with the fabric. The more room around the candle flame the better. Never leave candles unattended.

To make these jam jar votive holders you will need just a few supplies that you have around your home. You will need some glass jars, fabric scraps, craft glue, scissors and a small brush.

First, measure the height and circumference of your jar and cut fabric strips of approx 1cm wide to fit. It doesn’t have to be too exact.

In a cup, mix your glue half and half with water and mix well.

Here’s the messy bit. Submerge your fabric strip in the watered down glue. Then lightly run your thumb and forefinger down the fabric strip to get rid of any excess glue.

Now position the fabric strip in your jar with the fabric print facing out. Use your paint brush to push out any airbubbles between the glass and the fabric.

Repeat this process working your way round the inside of the jar. Then leave overnight to dry. Once the glue is perfectly dry, you can add small tealights, sit back and enjoy!

Thanks, Claire. Thank you for sharing your idea with us. These look magical.

You can catch up with Claire Dalglish on her blog Fellow Fellow.