Thrifty Thursday: Vintage puzzles


Head for the toy section of your local charity store and look at old puzzles and children’s toys in a fresh light… Don’t think of puzzles as toys with missing pieces and a limited shelf life, look at them as intriguing ways to style your home…

This cute-as-a-button mirror was designed by Marianne Norup from Dig and Mig blog. Marianne loves vintage fabrics and toys and has been holding on to these vintage children’s blocks for some time. She didn’t really want to throw them away or give them to her baby, so came up with this funky mirror surround. You can find full instructions on how to make the mirror on her blog.

Other jigaws can be going for a song in bargain baskets – there might be a missing piece or two, but that doesn’t matter if you’re going to recycle the pieces anyway. Here’s another brilliant idea dreamt up by Muswerk. These shaped puzzle pieces are a bit of a find – Muswerk have used them to make magnets for a noticeboard. These retro puzzle shapes can be easily drilled too, if you want to make a piece of statement jewellery. Just add a ball chain for instant style.