Get curious


It’s November peeps. That means we’re officially allowed to start talking about Christmas. In particular, Christmas gifts. While in the giving mood, consider this lovely idea from wedding planner and stylist Tiffany Grant-Riley: The Curiosity Project.

The deal is that you fill a box full of beautiful treasures – completely up to you what goes in – and send it to an address you’ll be given by the organisers. For no other reason that to brighten someone’s day. In return, you’ll receive a great box of goodies from another participant. Happy days!

Tiffany came up with the idea after the London Riots. “It started in August, when I was thinking about a way to bring people together to work on something that brings a little sunshine into everyone’s day. The concept harks back to the chain letters we used to receive as children, only much better – you get the enjoyment of putting together a box full of goodies for a stranger and receive one too. The blog allows all our participants to connect with each other and discover who sent what and the feedback has been wonderful. We’ve had people from all over the world taking part, from the US, Australia, the UK, New Zealand and all over Europe and excitement for the next project is spreading like wild fire.” 

A Curious Christmas launches today with a brand new site. The rules are: a £20 maximum budget to spend on items for your box, with one or all Christmassy elements, be it something you’ve made yourself, or your favourite Christmas recipes – anything that invokes Christmas to you.  

Sound like fun? We thought so!